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Welcome to the community! Here we encourage women to have the tough important conversations around the taboo topics like personal finance, politics, and race. Just as often as we share cocktail recipes and travel destinations. This community is built on authentically sharing, pushing each other and learning from one another. We know that no one is born knowing everything and everyone starts somewhere. We operate out of an intersectional frame because we are whole people who deserve to show up as they are, with the understanding that all of these things are connected – they all matter.

Hey Friend, I'm Victoria!

I am a born and raised Philly girl who loves talking about topics we don't talk about openly. Yes, that means topics like sex, money, and politics. I believe topics that impact our everyday lives should be common everyday topics.

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There is no thing as a single-issue struggle because we do not live single-issue lives.


–Audre Lorde


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