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    How Coronavirus Can Help You Have Better Sex

    First and foremost: this isn’t a post that will directly talk about sex. Why? Because good sex is about more than just what goes on in the room where it happens. (I’m so sorry Hamilton and Lin Manuel but I couldn’t pass up an opportunity). With COVID-19 still running rampant people have been diving in to all the home activities.…

  • The ingredients for a quick, easy, always tasteful Mango Margarita
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    Your New Go To Easy Mango Margarita Recipe

    I have made many a drinks, I even took a Bartending weekend course in college. I’m a jack of all trades really. But this is my go to quick easy Mango Margarita recipe. This marg is meant to be served on the rocks otherwise it’s more like an alcoholic smoothie, but you could probably throw your ice in there to…

  • Various budgeting tools ready to be used
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    Taking the Fear Out of Twentysomething Finances

    It is easy to be overwhelmed by twentysomething finances. Every day there is new advice on what you should or shouldn’t be doing; everyone has an opinion; and at the same time it’s still an extremely uncomfortable topic to talk about. Seriously, even writing this blog post feels a little awkward and strange. But 2020 is a time of just…