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3 IG Accounts to Follow in the New Year

Happy New Year, Everyone! There’s something nice about the clean slate a new year brings and since everyone is currently in that reflection/resolution phase I thought I’d share something I’ve been working on understanding a bit better.

It’s no secret that people spend a lot of time on social media platforms, myself included and truthfully I don’t think that’s going to change in the New Year. After being more mindful of my screen time, thanks to Apple’s update that tells me weekly how much time I spend on my phone alone, I have decided to make sure that my social media platforms work better for me.  What does that mean? It means that I’ve been looking at the accounts that I follow and asking myself what they are adding to my timeline. Knowing how comparison is the thief of joy; I wanted to be sure that people I was following whether celebrities I’ve never met or old friends from the past we bringing positivity to my timeline in some way more so than anything else.

This change is one that I’m still making and it’s not just been a change that I’m requiring of others — it’s a change that I hope to make with my own presence online. But I wanted to share 3 accounts that I’ve found on Instagram that have really helped influence this decision that I would 100% recommend if you’re looking to at least start to add some really positive accounts to your timeline.

@Unfattening; Dr. Joshua

If you read my post on figuring out my relationship with food and fitness you already know how much I love this account. If you haven’t read that post you can find it here and keep reading. Dr. Joshua is absolutely phenomenal, he is all about cutting down what he calls “nutribullocks” and supporting people having a healthy relationship with food. He gives plain answers to questions about food. He debunks a lot of the incorrect and just outright harmful information about food that is out there and he’s funny while he does it. If you start following him now, he just started his “28 Day Challenge to Improve Your Relationship with Food & Overall Health” which is a different perspective from many of the other diets/fitness challenges that may be flooding your timelines as people start the year with new food/fitness goals for themselves.

@Brownkids; E + Roe

E + Roe are a black minimalist couple that currently lives in Baltimore, MD. I found their account after my sister sent me a story that Roe did as she made over her mom’s closet. At first, I was just obsessed with the makeover that Roe did but as I looked more into their account it was so open and honest and refreshing. E + Roe are open about just about everything. While they themselves are minimalists, they even live in a tiny apartment (I’m pretty sure it’s 150 sq ft total!) they don’t really shame people who aren’t minimalists. Instead, they talk about how minimalism has helped them, and encourage how regular everyday people can take some minimalists steps.

They share about topics like finances and debt and are open about how they paid off their debt and encourage people to be honest, with at least themselves, about what debts do you have. They don’t push minimalism but rather they push living life to its fullest which for them minimalism has been a path that has allowed them to focus less on things and more on creating a life that is filled with freedom. And above all they are real people; they respond to comments they interact with you and I feel like I’m a part of a little community and hopefully they won’t mind that I’m inviting all of you to join it too.

@TheFinancialDiet; founder Chelsea Fagan

I found this account through the Brown Kids account because I joined a bookclub that Roe did that was based on the book that Chelsea wrote, The Financial Diet. While TFD is geared towards women helping women understand finances and the financial world, a lot of their general tips and tricks can be applied to anyone who wants to understand finances a little bit more. I also like that while it is about making sure your meeting or working towards meeting your financial goals it’s also about living the life in-between those goals. That, is something that I think all of our timelines could help us remember more: that no matter what your resolutions are, whatever your 2019 goals maybe, make sure you’re living the life in-between those goals as well.

So that’s it! 3 IG Accounts that I would highly recommend adding in 2019, if you don’t follow them already. Do you have any accounts that you love especially for adding positivity and grounding to your timeline? Share with me in the comments so I can look them up and follow them as I continue to craft a social media experience that adds to my life. If we’re going to spend as much screen time as we do, we should make sure those hours are adding value to our lives and not just making us feel like we have to compare ourselves to others curated version of life.

Let me know what you think in the comments and let me know what resolutions or goals you have for 2019, I’ll be sharing mine later in the week and I’d love to cheer you on in yours.