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Twenty something Fashion & Beauty: Curating a closet and look that I love, finding the makeup and skincare products that will work, and trying not to break the bank while I’m at it.

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    Holiday (non beauty) Sales

    Last year, I started compiling a list of all the beauty sales that were doing on between Thanksgiving and Cyber Monday. Truthfully, I mostly did it as the list I was compiling on my phone was getting to be quite lengthy and I was tired of the popups (looking at you icloud storage space) every few minutes. To my surprise,…

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    Holiday Beauty Sales Are Here!

    We’re going to skip over the fact that I haven’t published a post in a very long time because it is that time of year again, and you all liked this post so much last year that I figured I’d take the time to do it again. Holiday season has come around again and brought with it the bombardment of…

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    My Sephora Sale Wishlist

    Beauty Lovers Rejoice! If you love all things beauty and live in Sephora and Ulta like me than you probably know that it’s time for Sephora’s biannual beauty insider sale. This sale happens twice a year and it’s a good time to (if you can) treat yourself to some items that maybe you had your eye on but the price…

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    Beauty Subscriptions

    I’ve always been in to makeup. However, I am far from a make-up expert, my cat eye could definitely use some work and I still haven’t figured out the perfect contour for my face. Still something about it has always drawn me to spending time wandering the drugstore makeup aisle when I was younger to now when I spend more than my fair-share…