Storytelling is the key part of this blog. Here you will find stories that don't necessarily fit in any of the other categories I've laid out. Some will be personal stories, some might be guest posts from others; all are for you to take what you need to learn and leave the rest behind.

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    Twenty Nineteen

    Somehow we’ve made it to another year’s end. Wow. Well to start..I’m going to try to keep this short — but truthfully brevity has never really been my strong suit when it comes to reflections and I haven’t written here since February which seems both so close and yet so far away. I have learned, unlearned, and relearned so much…

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    Valentine’s Day when You’re Single

    This year, like many before it I am single for Valentine’s Day. However, my heart has never been so full of love and gratitude for where I am that I had very little time today to think about where I am not. Valentine’s Day when you’re single is kind of a funny thing because every year is a little bit…

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    Moving Forward in 2019

    Well, 2019 is finally over. And while this year felt like it took 5 years to get through I am so happy with where I ended the year. I don’t know about you but I was the most intentional that I’ve ever been in 2018 and it really gave me the time to really get to know myself again. I…

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    Looking Back on 2017

    Well, 2017 is over. In most ways, I’m relieved to see it go, in others I can’t believe it has only been one year. Many things characterized 2017 for me this year but the best characterization I would say is “fight”. 2017, was a battle, and I’m not just thinking in political terms here. After graduating college and having friends…

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    What I Learned on Broad Street

    This past Sunday I completed the Broad Street Run. Now, prior to Sunday the most  I had ever run was 5 miles and this run was exactly double that. Broad Street is a race very well known in Philadelphia, in part because for half a day one of the major streets is blocked off. But more than that, every year…

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    New Year…More Me.

    As the last hours of 2015 tick away, I look back on all the things I learned in 2015 and many things I’m glad to leave behind. I’m usually not one to make resolutions as I’m not always great on following up on them. And no one like to hear the “new year, new me” saying that plague all social…