November’s Necessities

November has come and gone in the blink of an eye and for many holiday season in full effect. I have to say, I do have a personal bias against November being my favorite month. While I may not like the origins of the holiday Thanksgiving food is some of my favorite and my birthday is in November which often gives me an opportunity to start reflecting on changes that I’d like to make for the upcoming year. I both can’t believe that 2017 is almost over and can’t wait for a new beginning in 2018. That being said, here are the few items that have made November favorites list.

  1. Credit Sesame App

After graduating college this past May and venturing into the “real world” I figure it was about time that I start thinking about things like my finances and credit score. This app has been really helpful in the past few months to do just that. It “grades” you each month on all the factors that go in to calculating your credit score and gives tips on what you can do for improving your score. While I haven’t been able to make a ton of changes yet, constantly being aware of what my score is and what I need to improve it has already made me feel a little more adult like and in control of my finances.

  1.  KL Polishes ($8.50/polish shop here)

Youtuber Kathleen Lights launched her own nail company just over a year ago. And I have to say that after wearing them for a year her polishes continue to impress me. Not just for the shades that she’s had (though I do have my eye on her Winter Glamourland set) but for their durability. I can easily get a full week and half with out my nails starting to show wear and usually I can get two weeks. I love watching her videos and reviews on her channel and it’s so nice to be able feel 100% comfortable to support her business.

  1. Too Faced Just Peachy Mattes Palette ($45, shop here)

I’m not gonna lie, Auntie Jackie Aina is the sole reason I bought this palette. After seeing her review the Too Faced Just Peachy line and the continually use this palette I caved and bought it for myself.  And just as I had suspected, she was no playing this palette is EVERYTHING. I’ve never really been a fan of all matte palettes because I had never done an all matte eye look that I thought looked good but the palette is my new go to. In fact, it is the palette currently in my grab and go makeup bag. Not only are the shades super smooth and blendable but they are gorgeous as well. Jackie Aina approved products have yet to steer me wrong so I’m just gonna add this one to the list of Products Auntie Jackie made me buy.

  1. My IUD

If this is too personal for you, you can just skip to the next one….but my IUD seriously has been one of my favorite things over the past month. After switching from the pill to the IUD my only question is why I waited so long. Not having to remember to take my pill everyday at the same time has been BLESSINGS on my life. I truly wish I would have listened to my nurse roommate and done this YEARS ago. If you’re thinking about switching talk to your doctor and yes, it may not work for everyone, but for me we’re getting along very nicely.

  1. Dr. Brandt PoreDermabrasion Exfoiliant ($58, shop here)

I got this product in my BoxyCharm one month and have fallen in love. It is a gentle exfoiliant that really works well with my sensitive skin and seriously my skin feels baby soft after using it. I generally only use it once a week and it is on the more expensive side so I can’t say I would have tried it of my own volition but that’s the great part about BoxyCharm. I still have quite a bit of product left in mine so we’ll see what I decide to do when I run out but for now it’s been a nice addition to my night skincare routine to remove dead skin before putting on my serums and moisturizers.

Those are this month’s favorites. Have you tried any of them out? Let me know in the comments! I’ll be back with another monthly favorites list for this last month of 2017 before you know it.