The ingredients for a quick, easy, always tasteful Mango Margarita
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Your New Go To Easy Mango Margarita Recipe

I have made many a drinks, I even took a Bartending weekend course in college. I’m a jack of all trades really. But this is my go to quick easy Mango Margarita recipe. This marg is meant to be served on the rocks otherwise it’s more like an alcoholic smoothie, but you could probably throw your ice in there to make it a frozen (Disclaimer: I have not tested; I am an on the rocks over frozen).

If I could only have two types of alcoholic drinks ever agin there would be a STRONG chance a Margarita would be one of them. Specifically, mango margaritas they make me SO happy. If you don’t believe me just look at these Instagram pictures that my friend Liz snapped of me at La Roca in Manayunk.

Your Easy Mango Margarita Recipe


  • 2-3 Ripe Mangos
  • Juice of 1 Orange
  • Juice of 1 Lime
  • Triple Sec (I prefer Cointreau)
  • Tequila (I prefer Jose Cuervo Gold but pick your poison)
  • Simple Syrup (to taste)


You’re going to laugh at how simple this is:

  1. Dice Mango and add to Blender
  2. Halve the Orange & Lime and juice directly into the blender
  3. Add your tequila and triple sec in a 3:2 ratio (Note: for a large pitcher I go anywhere between 6-8 shots of tequila)
  4. Blend and be sure to TASTE it!
  5. If it’s not sweet enough for your liking (just from the mango) add simple syrup 1/2 a shot at a time blending briefly in between until it’s sweet enough for you.
  6. Serve on the rocks with your choice of salt or sugar rim

Spice it Up and other Twists

There are SO many ways to make this Mango Marg your own. Here are a 3 of my favorites:

  • Switch your simple syrup for a flavored simple syrup. My favorite Jalapeño Simple Syrup
  • Rim your glass with a mixture of Tajin and your salt or sugar of choice
  • Add other fruits! I’m partial to adding in some raspberries.

That’s it! Truly, keep this Easy Mango Margarita in your back pocket it’s always in winner in our house. Let me know what twists you add an how you enjoy it. Cheers!

xx, Victoria Ellyse