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How to Wear and Find your Favorite Fall Style from Home

The air has a slight crisp to it, sleeping with the windows open can return, and you can’t walk 100 feat in a grocery story without finding a “pumpkin spiced” something. I don’t care what anyone else says, it’s fall. Which means it’s time for some fall style.

Fall is by far my favorite season. I love sweaters and boots, I love it not being devilishly hot and humid outside, I love the colors and a cool breeze. And yet….here we are still months in to the COVID-19 pandemic and I’m still at home.

Realizing my Fall style, which truly if you see the number of boots I have is a clear favorite, will be pretty much only be seen on Zoom was sad. However, it also gives me a chance to try new things and hone in a bit more on the personal style of my dreams.

Ever have that feeling that you have so many clothes and nothing to wear? Or you see other people wearing things that you want to try but aren’t exactly sure how to? Or you have an idea of what your dream personal style is but no idea how to get there from where you are?

If you found yourself thinking I was calling you out…don’t worry I have more, and it’s someone who can help.

Enter Liz Fever.

Liz Fever, is a freelance writer, stylist, and creative based out of Philadelphia. She is the human behind Liz Wears What and she helps women of all sizes feel seen. If you felt any of my questions above are something you’d like to explore more you need to check out Liz’s workshops and her one-on-one styling sessions.

My Style Session Experience

Over the summer I got to do a style session with Liz and not only was it one of the fastest hours of my life. I left feeling like she got what I want my style to look like and be.

So what do you get with a style session with Liz? Over the course of the hour (and it goes so quickly!) You get all of the following:

  • To talk through your DREAM style, what it looks likes, how you want to feel.
  • A chance to imagine 3 DREAM pieces that would be in that closet.
  • Someone to help you put together two outfits during that session from clothes you have that fit that style.
  • Space to talk about style rules that you follow and think about where they come from and if they matter to you.

My style session with Liz was fun, light, and full of laughter. As a woman and particularly a Black woman there is no shortage of people who try to tell me how to dress, or how not to dress. Liz’s session offers you the space to think about what YOU want to do, how YOU want to dress, and what YOU want to wear.

And it doesn’t stop once your Zoom call ends.

Post Session

In the week or so after your session you get 2 invaluable things from Liz.

She’ll send over a personal shopping list of 10 items. She’ll ask about budget and everything and provides 2-3 options per piece. This is so you can get start adding pieces in your closet. Building out from what you already have to where you want to go. My list has some things that I instantly loved, probably never would have picked out for myself, and will be buying.

Then she also shares a Pinterest board for you. It’s made up of pictures upon pictures of items and looks that match what you talked about carefully curated by her. I look at mine often and it truly is what I aspire to.

Liz does exactly what she says. She helps you feel seen, no matter your body type. If you want to wear and find your perfect fall style even in these crazy, remote and Zoom heavy world. You have got to get on Liz’s calendar. You won’t regret it.

What’s your favorite fall piece? Let me know.

Victoria Ellyse