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First Impressions: Wantable Subscription Box

Since college has ended, I’ve been looking through my closet and have truly just been kinda *meh* on what I have. While it’s all still in good shape I find myself only really wearing about 1/4th of my clothes because the other things are just sitting there in my drawers under worn and under appreciated.

So I’ve decided to do a wardrobe over haul. Now my current budget does not allow me to just get rid of everything and start from scratch but I know I could do a little bit piece by piece. However, as much as I know what I like and what I  don’t I wanted to see if I could find better pieces than just what I would normally pull together for myself so I decided to look into clothing subscription box services.

Now I’m a big advocate for subscription services and I love trying new ones. I mainly use them for make up, I’ve tried ipsy, birchbox, and currently have been loving Boxycharm, but I’ve always been hesitant to try clothing subscription boxes. But after doing some research and looking up some reviews I decided to try Wantable, and I’m so glad that I did. Below is my first impressions review of my box.

Loved the Clothes. Definitely picked up some pieces I wouldn’t have normally for myself. Almost everything fit me well (which I was worried about).

Cons: This box was filled with more expensive items (3 over $100) so I knew I couldn’t keep everything.

Overall: Definitely plan on trying again!

If you want to try Wantable I would go for it and if you want to use my referral link here I’d really appreciate it.

Wantable (like Stitch Fix) has a $20 styling fee that you pay to get your box each month. Once you order your box a stylist will send you 5-7 pieces in your box that are based on the preferences you tell them in the style quiz you fill out. The style quiz was in-depth and asks a lot of questions, I liked that it also shows pictures so instead of just saying which style are you: Edgy, Romantic, Casual & Chic? You can look at  the outfits that they associate with those terms and decide.

Another thing that really impressed me about Wantable is how quick it was: I placed my order on the 19th and had my Style Edit (that’s what the box is called) delivered yesterday. A turn around  time of 3 business days is AMAZING. Lastly, I loved the clothes. I’ll upload pictures of the items later on but I got 7 pieces in my box and honestly there was only one that I didn’t want to keep right away. What was the issue for me was the pricing of some of the items for some of the basics although comfy and cute my budget just wouldn’t allow me to keep them all at once. I think I’m going to end up keeping 2-3 items from this box, a jacket that I got and one maybe 2 pairs of the jeans.

The $20 styling fee gets deducted from anything you keep so as long as you keep one item from the box you don’t lose that money. Plus if you keep 5 or more items you get an additional 20% off.  For the items you don’t want to keep they send a prepaid envelope for you to send everything you don’t want back. Overall, I would DEFINITELY try it again. Plus I like that you can skip a month or order place another order right away if you want.

Wantable is a win. Saves me time, allows me to slowly curate a closet I actually like, and forces me to at least try some new things I might not have picked out for myself.

If you want to try Wantable I would go for it and if you want to use my referral link here I’d really appreciate it.