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Gearing Up for the Nordstrom 2020 Anniversary Sale

Note: This post contains affiliate links, which means if you purchase something through them, I’ll earn a small commission that helps fund my coffee habits.

It is sale time y’all! I tend to not buy things full price anymore for three reasons: 1) It prevents me from impulse shopping, 2) there’s almost always a coupon somewhere, 3) Your girl has a budget to work towards my financial goals. August means the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is coming soon here’s all the info you need to know to make the most of the sale this year.

Unlike past years where this has been the time I purchase replacements for old items in my professional wardrobe. My wants this year are definitely more to the casual side of business casual and loungewear. Since the pandemic has me WFH until at least January the goal is to pick up items that are in the middle ground between getting dressed for work and still being comfortable (and my copious amounts of gym clothes just isn’t cutting it).

Sale Pro Tips:

1. Make sure you’ve checked out the Sale Preview before early access goes live you can click here: Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Preview
2. When you’re checking out the sale preview, make sure you add things to your wishlist. Your wishlist can act as your pre-cart. I use it to store items see what the damage is and then refine down to the few things I need. Plus once the sale is live you can go straight from wishlist to cart to checkout quickly, minimizing the risk that your must haves sell out.

Nordstrom Sale 2020 Dates:

As we all know Nordstrom rolls out the sale based on various levels of Nordstrom Cardholder status. FYI: If you don’t know your level but you have a card you’re automatically an Insider otherwise I’d check out your Nordstrom account to make sure you get the shopping window you deserve.

Icon Access: August 4th – 18th
Ambassador: August 7th – 18th
Influencer: August 10th – 18th
Insider: August 13th – 18th
Public Access: August 19th – 30th

My 2020 Sale Picks:

Like I mentioned, this year I’m not really going business (which is normally what I buy during this time). Instead it’s all about Loungewear and Home items a direct reflection of our COVID-19 world.

Check out my 10 Picks for the Nordstrom 2020 Sale and my 5 Home Items to Pick Up During the NSale to Make COVID Home Life Better

Happy Shopping!

xx, Victoria Ellyse