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Giveaway for a Cause: Net Neutrality

This is the first in what I hope to be a series on this blog in which I will host giveaways of makeup/clothes/gift cards etc of things I like for a particular cause. Now while I don’t expect everyone to share my beliefs the causes I pick will, for the most part, be things important to me. If you don’t like the cause or the action, you are entitled to that of course and you just don’t have to enter that particular giveaway. The point that I’m hoping will come out of this is that we can stay on top of this  ever changing political climate and be a little more civically engaged. Because whether or not you agree with my particular views I do think we all need to be engaged.

DISCLAIMER: All giveaways are entered out of your own choice you are no required to enter any giveaways, nor am I forcing you to state and beliefs that you do not have. Should you choice to enter into the giveaway you agree that the beliefs and statements are your own and you have not been forced, manipulated, or coerced into doing so.

This first giveaway challenges us all to be civically engaged about Net Neutrality.  If you do not know, net neutrality is I would encourage you to do your own in depth research about it but briefly under Title Two of FCC regulations, broadband service (i.e. internet services) are classified as “common carriers” according to U.S. law. This means that they are almost akin to public utilites and therefore cannot give preferential treatment, and are regulated by the FCC to ensure fair pricing and access.

Why does this matter? If net neutrality doesn’t exist companies that provide broadband services could for example:

  1. Give preferential treatment (ie faster service, more service options, lower/higher costs) to certain areas while providing different options to others.
  2. Charge additional pricing to access to certain webpages, or types of media. This means on top of paying for access to your services if you had internet provided by Verizon they could charge you extra to use Google as a search engine since they own yahoo’s search engine.  (P.S. yes this mean that you company could charge you extra to access Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit, Tumblr, Netflix, Hulu etc.) 
  3. Block you from downloading things at high speed in order to give bandwidth access to other users (yes this has happened in the past)

and many other things. Ending Net Neutrality means that you access to the internet is essentially privatized giving companies the right to charge as they set fit depending on any number of factors.

If you’re saying “wow this sounds bad” the answer is yes it does. But there is still something we can do. Congress can block the FCC from trying to vote to end Title Two protections but they are trying to vote TOMORROW. So here’s where the giveaway and your civic engagement comes in.

WHATEVER your views are, whether pro or con net neutrality. Congress should hear your voice. To get involved you can:

  1. Call, fax or email your Senators and House Representatives (202-224-3121 for the switchboard)
  2. Call the FCC Chairman (202-418-1000)
  3. Text “Resist” to 50409 for an automated bot to help you easily draft a letter


  1. Get the word out to friends, family members, random strangers to do the same


But wait what about the giveaway? Once you’ve contacted your congress person there are only two steps to be entered.

  1. Find the post announcing the giveaway on my Instagram (@victoriaellyse) and Like the photo
  2. DM me or Post a picture which must be dated in some way either Today (12/13 or tomorrow  (12/14) showing that you contacted your representative. Must use #VENetNeutralityGiveaway and tag my account in the picture

That’s It!

Giveaway closes tomorrow 12/14 at 11:59 PM EST. For an additional entry you can Follow my IG account but unfollowing after the giveaway will ban you from future giveaways.  Prize is a bundle of Colourpop Super Shock Shadows and a $25 Sephora Giftcard.