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Halloween in Ireland

I think I can see why my sister fell in love with Dublin when she was studying here for her time abroad. Dublin is stunning. I don’t really know what else I expected but I have really enjoyed my time here. So much so that I’ve already proposed it as a family vacation one day. 

Though my travel didn’t go according to plan: 1. Getting here was a miracle. 2. I thought things would be closer than they were. 3. I feel like I wasted some time not going out exploring right away (but see number one for reasoning). I still had a great time and a memorable time as well. 

Dublin takes Halloween very seriously. I.e.  everyone dresses up, there were fireworks being set off, and plenty of pub and club events for those who wanted to party and drink (I mean it is Ireland after all). This generally surprised me. Though thinking back to the history of Halloween and its roots in Celtic traditions, I guess I shouldn’t be too surprised. Side note: shoutout to my 5th grade teacher Mr. Ruzansky, because he was the one who assigned a paper on Halloween and is the only reason I know the roots of Halloween. 

But between seeing a castle, staying at Trinity College and seeing the Book of Kells; and from walking through St. Stephen’s Greens to  pouring the perfect pint at Guinness, I made the most of a short time here. I will be back to visit the Cliffs of Moher and to kiss the Blarney Stone (the gift of gab never hurt anyone) among all the other things Ireland has to offer. But as a first go: not too shabby I’d say. 

While I could go on…I have a bus to catch to begin the long journey home very early tomorrow morning and am hoping to get some sleep. Here’s to hoping it’s less chaotic than the journey here. I’ll post more later! 

With love from Dublin,