Spain 2015,  Travel

La Vida Sevillana

I am all moved in to my new homestay for the next floor. My madre sevillana (Sevillian Mother) is so sweet and because we live on the 11th floor of an apartment building we (Jordyn and I) have a fantastic view out of our window. Surprisingly, adjusting to the routine here was not as difficult as I thought. However, I will be getting a membership to the gym that is around the corner because every meal is basically composed of: some type of meat (a lot of Ham and Sausage), Potatoes, and Bread…and I don’t want to realize how much my metabolism has slowed down since I’ve stopped swimming. (I’m not ready to face that reality).

The thing that is most different between life in the US and life here in Spain is how much later the day goes. For instance it is 11:26pm here and Jordyn and I are getting ready to go out. Or how it’ll be 10 or 11 at night and little kids are still up and running around, meanwhile the first days I was like, “is it time for bed yet?” For the most part though, I am throughly enjoying my time here so far. The hardest part is trying to use spanish first thing in the morning, thankfully Cafe con Leche is almost a requisite for breakfast.

This post isn’t going to be much longer…just an update to say I’m doing well and really enjoying La Vida Sevillana. I can already tell this won’t be my last visit to Spain. I hope all of you are doing well back home and I’ll write more soon.


(PS. I’ll be uploading more pictures soon! So stay tuned..)