Spain 2015,  Travel

Lost in Marrakech 

Don’t let the title of this post fool you; the last 24 hours were way less stressful than people made me believe they would be. The most stressful thing was getting to Marrakech. The second will probably be getting back to Sevilla. Everything else was sensory overload but in the best way possible. 

I do plan to come back to Marrakech and actually get to spend some time in Casablanca. I am sad to say that as much I love the movie, I wasn’t able to get to Rick’s Cafe. In fact, the only time I got to spend in Casablanca will be in the Casa Voyagers train station. But even being here is more than many to get say, and for that I am thankful. 

In Marrakech I admired the architecture, shopped in the Souks, and of course got lost in the Medina. There is definitely some culture differences and many people will try to “help” you for your money. But in general Marrakech was amazing. 

There were places we tried to get too that we couldn’t find. And small places we ran into that had delicious food and mint tea. But that’s the nature of travel, and that was part of the fun. 

All in all I say it was definitely worth the trip; even if traveling to get here and traveling to get home will be long days. I can say I’ve been to Africa, and for how close it was I’m glad I took advantage of the opportunity. It’s not so often you can catch a flight that’s 90 minutes and be in another continent. For a penultimate trip Marrakech was great. I will say however I’m looking forward to a last (hopefully relaxing) trip to Italy, filled with lots of pasta, pizza, and gelato. 

Advice for people who want to come to Marrakech: do it. Don’t let others frighten you, if you keep your head on your shoulders and read other travelers advice you’ll be fine. Just remember to be okay getting lost in the Medina (I’m almost sure it’ll happen).