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A Mid Year Reflection

Wow. 6 months of 2020 down, 6 months to go. I think it’s safe to say 2020 has been a W I L D ride. I feel as though I’ve lived through a lifetime of events since January, hell I’d even say it’s been a lot since just March alone. But here we are – midway through what will be without a doubt an unforgettable year.

Journaling has been a in and out force in my life since I was young. While I’ve never got the hang of the daily journaling— something I’m still working on— I have been pretty good at reflecting at the minimum twice a year. Once, at the end of one year/beginning of the new year and then middle. The past few years I have had the added benefit of reassessing my Mid-Year Passion Roadmap as I am an avid passion planner user, but in general my prompts stay fairly consistent.

Before I share the prompts that I use to help guide myself into the second half of the year let me just say this: no one could have predicted the way that this year has gone. We have seen a global pandemic; a reckoning of collective consciousness; alongside the challenges that we all individually go through. My mid-year prompts are not to make you or myself feel bad about what we have or have not accomplished. It’s about taking a moment to step back and look at the bigger vision. To make sure that as we go into the second part of the year we are keeping in mind what it is we want for ourselves.

Victoria’s Mid-Year Self Reflection Prompts

  • Looking back on the reflection you wrote at the beginning of the year or mid-year last year: how do you feel about what you wrote? Do the goals still feel true to you? Do you need to adjust anything? What was your big vision?
  • Thinking about the first part of this year: What are you immensely proud of? What things do you want to continue to do? What this have you grown away from or out of? What goals did you just plainly forget about?
  • Looking forward to the remaining 6 months of this year: What changes do you want to try? What goals (financial, spiritual, social, physical, mental or otherwise) do you have? Is there anything that you are looking forward to (if it’s good) or anxious about? What is your big vision moving forward?

Personally, I prefer to write these out by hand, often using my planner because as you can see from the title image, I keep old planners year after year. But figure out what works best for you whether it’s a lengthy novel or short bullet points.

2020 is both the longest year and flying by, though that is generally how I feel each year. I couldn’t guess this is how it would have gone and I can’t predict what’s to come (seriously, murder hornets? Who bet on that one?!) What I can do is dream big and prepare for what I’m sure will be a wild finish.

xx, Victoria Ellyse