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New Project: Victoria Ellyse Reads

One of the few goals I set for 2018 is to read more. Specifically I’m trying to read 18 books by the end of 2018. When I was younger I used to read all the time, it was my favorite activity. I have great memories of the excitement I would feel when my dad would say we were going to the Library on Saturday. My favorite memory is when he would take my sister and I to the Library that was downtown because it was massive (i.e. they had a whole Kid’s floor not just a section), I used to be able to spend hours at the library just reading  and recently it just stopped.

I’ll be the first to say in part it had to do with the rise of technology, but more importantly I think it just had to do with school. As I got older,  and especially in college, my desire to do well in school eclipsed many of the things that I loved, and my love of reading was one of them. With the amount of reading I had to do for class (that often didn’t get finished) I couldn’t justify to myself taking time away from that to read for fun. Silly as it might seem in hindsight that was my rationale. So for almost my entire college tenure I the only books I read were books that were assigned and the list of books I wanted to read just got longer. I’m using 2018 to reset that and to hold myself accountable I’ve created project Victoria Ellyse Reads. As I read and finish books I’m going write a post about the book, giving it my own rating, and thoughts of whether or not I would recommend it and for whom.

On my homepage you can now see a menu link called Victoria Ellyse Reads and all of the books will be there as I finish them. I have already finished one book, and am working on the review, but I’m not counting it towards my 18 since I started it before the New Year. Keep checking back to see what I just finished and what I’m starting next and if you have any good book recommendations drop them in the comments below. I’ll definitely need some more! I’m trying to stay the nonfiction route (special points for women of color authors) but I will take any suggestion that you have.  If you don’t have any recommendations let me know one of your goals for 2018 below!