Swim Lesson FAQs

What times are available for lessons?

Times of lessons vary depending on my availability. I generally have more time during the summer months.

How long are lessons?

I recommend lessons of either 30 minutes or 45 minutes long. Any longer than that and I’ve found that it can be very tiring for the student and harder for them to focus for the entire duration.

How many students can be in each lesson?

Lessons are available in either private (1 student) or semi private (2-3 students). For any lesson larger than that please inquire separately.

For semi-private lessons the students must be close in their abilities/level. Whether a semi-private or private lesson should be held can always be determined at the first lesson.

I have a pool, can you travel and teach at my house?

I can travel within a reasonable distance to do lessons at a pool that you have access to (i.e. club, gym, or home). However, if it is a club or gym you might have to ask the management if it okay to bring in an outside instructor as they could have their own restrictions on that.

Are you always taking new lessons?

I do cap the number of clients I have at one time so it is best to inquire as soon as you are interested.

Do you teach adults?

Absolutely! Lessons are not just for kids! It’s never too late for you to learn. Swimming is a life skill that everyone should have.

How many lessons will it take until my child knows how to swim?

The length of time it takes a child or adult to learn the basic water safety techniques vary. Some people learn more easily than others, I cannot guarantee that you or your child will learn how to swim in a set number of lessons. Like with many other skills, consistency is key and there are things that you can do at home to help yourself or your child make the transition easier, but know that this is a process and it may (and most likely) will not happen overnight.

For other information or questions please contact me directly.