Spain 2015,  Travel

The Night Before a Big Trip

The night before a big trip is always one of my favorites, for me it’s third only to the anticipation of Christmas Morning, and the night before my birthday. And now, after what could only be concluded as an interesting summer, I have finally made it to the last night I will spend at home for the next four months. To most college students this day is eagerly anticipated; because no matter how nice coming home for the summer might be, there is vast freedom when you’re in college away from  home. For me, the college I picked happens to be 15 minutes and 3.6 miles from my front door to my dorm. This is not to say, I see my parents often — in fact even I’ll admit that I should probably call more often — but I never have that “leaving” to go to school feeling. But I am definitely making up for it tonight, because tomorrow at this time I will be on a flight making my way to Spain for a four month study abroad adventure.

To say that I am excited for what the next four months has to offer would be a vast understatement. However, I’ll be honest, it was not this way from the day that I committed to my program. In fact up until about 2 weeks ago I questioned my sanity as to why I thought this adventure was a good idea. Now, I feel silly to even have doubted it. Over the past week I have received an outpouring of love and support from my friends and family, all whom have given sage advice and well wishes. It’s this that has amped up my excitement for all the opportunities that could happen in the next four months.

I am beyond blessed to have this opportunity and to know that two of my best friends from school will be traveling with me. I usually am one to worry when things aren’t planned exactly, but in this instance the vast openness of my trip is what seems so freeing. I will miss my friends back a Penn, and there will undoubtedly be times when I miss my family. But as my dad has always told me, “your attitude determines your altitude.” And if he is true (which generally he is) then I’m in for a tremendous semester, I can feel it looking at my suitcases.

I’ll be sure to update you all every now and then with how things are going, pictures of what I am seeing, and maybe even some videos of the sights I see. Until then, I want to thank my village that has raised me and prepared me for this new adventure. I couldn’t have done it without you all. I’ll see you in December and I’ll have stories to tell. 🙂

Much love,