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This is the Virtual Co-Working Space You Never Knew You Needed

Calling fellow creatives who are missing their co-working spaces in this new COVID-19 world: you have to read this post because I have the virtual co-working space you never knew you needed.

We are well into the pandemic lifestyle and really there is no end in sight. I don’t know about you but what I miss most is the feeling of working around people — being able to get ideas from someone, seeing what they’re up too, and even just a quick side conversation or two. If you also miss those things you NEED to enter the Creative Lounge, a virtual co-working space.

What is the Creative Lounge?

Creative Lounge is a (currently free) virtual co-working spaces for all creatives. Think your freelancing, digital creators, bloggers, virtual business owners, and online entrepreneurs. The purpose of Creative Lounge is to encourage authentic engagement, provide community support, and inspire growth through every season of business.

Created by my friend, graphic design fairy godmother, and owner behind Kiss Creative Co, Allie. PS she is the one who helped me create the beautiful logos you see on my site. I’ve been a member for two weeks now and it is honestly so fun to pop in and see other people working.

What is a Virtual Co-Working Space?

Hosted through Discord, Creative Lounge is essentially Slack amped up to level 500. There’s a learning curve, but if I can figure it out I have no doubts you can too.

When I log into Creative Lounge, I can hop in one of the many channels to discuss ideas I have; what I’m working on; any of hobby channels; or just say hi. If I’m having a layout issue on Canva I can stream my screen and get realtime feedback and support. (Bonus: it is from other creatives who are much more adept at Canva than I am). We have focus groups and can host events like movie nights, happy hours, and can collectively make and play our favorite working tunes. PS A little birdy, told me there’s a book club rolling out a book club in September. But more on that later 😉.

How do I join the Co-Working space?

There are three criteria you should note before you join us over at the Creative Lounge which I’ve copied below. When you realize that “Yes- this space is for you too!” you can scan the QR code and get your all-access pass to the virtual co-working space you never knew you needed.

Criteria to Join:
01 | You MUST identify in one or more of the following ways: Business owner, entrepreneur, or content creator.
02 | You MUST use the internet to accomplish related tasks, such as (but not limited to) branding, marketing, sales, automation, audience-building, ect.
03 | You MUST be verified and approved by leadership.

Here’s an example of someone who would NOT be approved to join: Hayden is a doctor. She would like to join Creative Lounge because she could use the company while writing and publishing research studies through her job at the hospital. We love that for Hayden, but she does not meet the criteria to join in this circumstance.
However, if… Hayden notices that research studies aren’t easily understood by the general public. She wants to apply some of the skills she’s learned while writing and publishing studies by writing and publishing blog posts. She’s building an online brand to educate the public through Pinnable blog posts and engaging YouTube videos. Here, Hayden meets the criteria to be accepted.

Don’t wait up! I’ll catch up with you in the lounge — can’t wait for you to join us!

Victoria Ellyse