Victoria is a University of Pennsylvania college graduate who currently works in the Higher Education field, while she is working towards a Master’s Degree. They say writing helps understand the world you live in — and that’s how this blog got started— as a space to decompress, reflect and talk about the things she cares about. Victoria believes that learning is a journey that should never stop.
Victoria is fiercely womanist and unapologetically black. She aims to create communities that allow for people to show up as their full selves where all identities are respected and individuals are encouraged to look within themselves for the answers they seek. Above all else, Victoria believes that we are all connected, and utilizing more empathy and compassion for ourselves and others can change the world — and that change starts within each one of us.
Writings of this blog are her own opinion and do not serve as the opinion of organizations she holds membership in or individuals she has relationships with. If you see something on the blog you like or have a reaction to — feel free to comment or send an email! She’d love to hear from you.



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