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Mail In Voting in PA? The New Thing You Have to Do!

Election season has started. All across the country early in person voting is going on now, mail in ballots are being received and voters are making their selections.

If you’re Pennsylvania voter who is planning to vote by mail make sure you read the rest of this post and then send it to your friends so they know as well.

Let’s start with some voting basics

The fact of the matter is voting by mail is INCREDIBLY safe. We are hearing a lot about “mail-in ballot fraud” and it’s just not accurate. Fraud in mail in ballot is extremely rare. In fact, most fraud comes from campaigns not voters. You can more about it here in this Reuters article.

So what’s going on?

A new ruling, recently in from the PA State Supreme Court, has stated that “naked” mail in ballots can be thrown out. With this ruling coming out last week and mail-in voting underway it is essential we get this information out.

If you’re asking “But wait…what’s a naked ballot?” Don’t worry, I got you.

When you receive your mail in ballot inside you should see 3 things:
1. Your Ballot
2. An envelope, marked “Secrecy Envelope”
3. An envelope marked with the return address

A “naked ballot” is a ballot that is returned in the return envelope without being put in the secrecy envelope first.

I’m voting..what do I need to do?

  • Be careful when filling out your ballot. Making sure you follow all the instructions.
  • Place your filled out ballot in the secrecy envelope first and make sure to follow any instructions on sealing it.
  • Then place your ballot in the return envelope. (Don’t forget the signature!)
  • Either place your ballot in the mail or drop it off at an official location.

This is one of the most important elections we’ve had in recent history. Don’t let new barriers take away your right to have your vote heard AND counted. We’ve got less than 40 days to go.

Victoria Ellyse