Spain 2015,  Travel

Winding Down 

I knew this point would eventually arrive; but it still shocks me that I am turning in the final assignments, starting to pack up my giant suitcase and less than week from today will be sitting on a flight from London back to the 215.

People always tell you the good parts about study abroad: the memories, the friends, the traveling, the new experiences etc. But they often forget to tell you that study abroad is hard. I wish I could say that my experience was void of those rough times but it wasn’t and it will be a bittersweet goodbye to Sevilla. Just as it was a bittersweet goodbye to Philadelphia four months ago. I feel as though I have done so much in the past four months that I might as well have lived another very full and rewarding life, for that I forever grateful to Sevilla, my friends, and my family. 

With the new year approaching I usually spend time reflecting on the experiences, things I’ve learned, and new goals to set for the next year and I think the biggest part of 2015 for me was these past four months. It was influenced by the amazing group of 22 other students who I got to meet here, the other travelers’ stories I heard, and the slowing down that the Spanish lifestyle required. 

Do not get me wrong I am so excited to be home for the holidays, to see my family, friends, and cats (call me a crazy cat lady if you wish). But I do know that when I get on that plane in a few days I will leave part of my heart here in Sevilla. I will leave one home to go back home. I’m just glad I have these last few days to relax and wander through the streets of a city I’ve grown to love to hold me over until we meet again.