Work With Me

Swim Lessons and Lifeguarding Services

I started competitive swimming at age 9. At the age of 12 I began teaching swim lessons as an assistant teacher and fell in love with the water all over again. Although I stopped competing at 18, I haven’t stopped teaching since I began. Now,  I am a USA Swimming certified coach and have been working with my former club to coach kids from ages 5-18.

I teach clients in both private and semi-private classes. I have helped over 100 kids become water safe over my 10+ years of teaching and if you think it’s time for you or your child to learn I would love to help.

Collaborate with Victoria Ellyse

This is a collaborative community space. It is space that is meant to uplift and celebrate all stories, not just my own. If you have an idea of a piece you’d like to collaborate on send me a note! We are better in community when we work together and share with one another.

Coming Soon: Take a virtual Yoga Class with Me